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Gramática del Inglés

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Presente simple:
Tiene la misma forma que el infinitivo para todas las personas, excepto para la tercera persona del singular que añade generalmente una -s.
A: I eat a lot
N: I don?t eat much
I: Do you eat much?
Para abler de acciones rutinarias
Para abler de hechos o verdades generales
Para hablar de situaciones permanents
Presente continuo:
Se forma con el presente simple del verbo to be + el verbo principal acabado en -ing
A: I am eating a hot-dog
N: I?m not eating a hot-dog
I: am I eating a hot-dog
Para expresar acciones que ocurren en el momento de hablar
Acciones que están ocurriendo temporalmente, no necesariamente en el momento de hablar
El presente continuo nose suele utilizar con los siguiente verbos: belong, hate, know, like, love, mean,
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Redaccion mi familia

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In my family have four members: my father´s name is julio he is very tall, he has got short black hair, green eyes and he works is archiment, this work was the most importan and the best for him. my mother´s name is teresa she has got long brown hair and big eyes, she is nurse, nowadays she doesn´t work. my brother´s name is david he is ten years, he has got short black hair and he´s studing in the school. finally the four members am I, my name is jesus I am seventen years, i am the tallest of all, i have got short brown hair and green eyes. futhermore we have got a dog whose name is Damo.

"My City" Redacción para Inglés

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Paris is a city from France. It's very big and beautiful. It's full of amazing places, monuments and landmarks to visit.

The most popular Parisian landmarks are the Île de la Cité, the Napoleonic Arc de Triomphe andthe Eiffel Tower.

In Paris, there are also some beautiful gardens. These are the oldest gardens in Paris, for example, the Tuileries Garden, that was created in the 19th century.

Many tourists that go to Paris visit places when fun is guaranteed, for example, Disneyland Resort Paris, the largest theme park in Europe. In Disneyland Paris, many children go with their parents to have fun in the attractions. Paris is a nice place to live.


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but: pero
yet: sin embargo
in spite of: a pesar de
However/nevertheless/ even so:sin embargo
body informacion first of all secondly
colossing write soon¡
love, nombre
descripcion de la persona con su nombre
su fisico, su apariencia, talento, intereses
closing conclusion


presentacion de la opinion(loque pasa en el presente)
body(opinion, otras opiniones) first of all, secondly
conclusion(decir la opinin general y tu punto de visrta o conclusion(in conclusion)

i think that
in my opinion
for example
as far i´m concerned
congratulations on
thank you so much for
give my regards to..

Historia de Miedo en inglés

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I was sleeping when a slight noise woke me up ... at first I didn't know what it was, but I thought they were footsteps approaching my bed. I didn't want to sleep at all, because I suposed that was my father or my sister who had entered a time to maybe take something from my room.
The steps began to feel closer to my bed... but suddenly I didn't hear anything. I was very afraid. A cry came out of my mouth that did turn me on. This was so strange because my parents didn't come to my bedroom to help me. This was a horrible experience, so be carefull tonight.


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Careful: Cuidadoso; Carefree: Despreocupado; Caring: Preocupación; Careless: Descuidad; Dominant: Dominante; Self-confident: Seguro de si mismo; Proud: Orgulloso; Strong-willed: Terco; Strong: Fuerte; Hairy: Peludo; Needy: Necesidad; Sexy: Sexy; Vain: Presumido; Selfish: Egoísta; Agressive: Agresivo; Ambitious: Ambicioso; Determined: Decidido; Energetic: Energico; Demanding: Exigente; Interesting: Interesante; Fisty: Encogío; Big-hearted: Bondadoso; Light-hearted: Poco bondadoso; Polite: Educado; Truthful: Sincero; Arrogant: Arrogante; Affected: Afectivo; Realistic: Realista; Materialistic: Materialista; Bad-nature: Malo por naturaleza; Downgoing: Ir hacia abajo; Goodgoing: Ir a mejor; Ingoing: Llegada; Outgoing: Extrovertido; Dangerou s:... Continuar leyendo "Adjetivos" »


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The book is about a man named Carl and his bodyguard, his name is Harald. They will travel home after work. On the plane they are served by the hostess. The plane takes off. After two hours of flying strange things begin to occur as passengers entering the cockpit. Then the stewardess comes out of the cockpit with a gun in his hands. The pilot said the flight will land at another airport. After this the Prime Minister, Helen, is informed by the police about the problems and she goes to the airport. She sees in the list of passengers that her husband contained therein. Harald On the other hand, decides to eat Carl's passport to avoid being caught. In the end the robbers as they discover and use it to Helen to do what they ask. We say that two... Continuar leyendo "Skyjack" »


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Mientras: When, As, While, Whereas Just as
En cuanto: As soon as
Antes: Before
Después: After
Hasta: Until,Till
Aunque: Although, Even Though,Though
A pesar de: In spite of, Despite...que+ the fact that
Sin embargo: However
Debido: Because of
Así que: And so
Como resultado: As a result
Por lo tanto: Therefore
Tan...que: So...that, Such that
Para: To, In order (not) to, so as (not) to, for
Para que: So that
En caso: In case
Donde: Where, Wherever
Como si: As if, As though
Similar: Like
Además: Besides, Furthermore, In addition, Moreover, Similarly, Else
Así como: As well as
También: Also, Too
Por ejemplo: For example,For instance
Como: Sucha as, Like, Including
Tampoco: Either
Ningun: Neither
Si: Wheter
Si no: Otherwise
Likewise: De la misma manera
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Descripción lugar

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1.I live in one of the most important cities in the world, London. This city offers a great variety of entertaiment such as museums important theatres, cinemas,parks around the city restaurants to eat the tipycal food and a lot of shops to buy trendy clothes. 2. In adittion, you can visit some villages close to London. If you want to walk along the beach, you may visit brighton ; If you like the Roman Culture, you may visit Bath, which is a place full important museums. Besides, there are people who prefer peace and quiert. In this case, you can have a picnic in the diferents parks which you can find not only in the centre but also around London.3. Every year there are millions of tourists wo visit this exiting city. This is a place which can... Continuar leyendo "Descripción lugar" »

Ingles oraciones desiderativas

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Las oraciones desiderativas




Wish/ if only +Past simple

Refers to a present situation that the speaker is unhappy about

If only I had a computer. He wishes his friends were here now.

Wish/ if only + Past perfect

Expresess regret about a past action or situation

If only I hadn’t lost my mobile phone¡. I wish he had called me.

Wish + could / would + base form

Expresses a desire for something to happen in the future.

I wish I could go to university. I like jack so much. If only he would call me¡.

Las oraciones desiderativas expresan un deseo. Se pueden formar de dos maneras: con el verbo wish o con la expresión if only. El verbo wish equivale aquí a desearía, gustaría; Cuando el sujeto es I se traduce por ojala, a continuación va... Continuar leyendo "Ingles oraciones desiderativas" »

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