The secret garden

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1. Mary Lennox went to live in Yorkshire with her uncle because her mother and father died of cholera. 2. Martha was surprised because in her family the children were always hungry. They never had full stomachs. 3. Mr Craven hated the locked garden because his wife died there. She fell from a tree. 4. A youn lady (Mrs Craven) taught Ben Weatherstaff about roses. 5. Mary wanted the garden to be a secret garden. So she tried to stop Colin from tellin the servants about it. 6. Mr Craven come back to Misselthwaite manor because he had a dream in wich his wife was calling him into the garden. He also received a letter from Dickon's mother asking him to come home.

hunchback: Jorobado, round part on their back housekeeper: ama de llaves, gloomy: sombrío,moor: paramowhitled: silbo,fluttering: revolotejant, humming: low continous sound, chattered: charlar-talk in a fast informal about unimportant subjects, orchard: a place where fruits trees are grown,knob: a round handle on a door or drawer, tantrum: an ocassion when someone suddenly behaves in a very angri way that is silly, lump: a solid piece that does not have a regular shape on a surface, gasped: to breathe in suddenly because you are surprised, shocked, or in pain,rug: a cloth made of wool that you use to keep yourself warm.

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