The rasom of red chief and others stories

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The Gift Of The Magi: And Other Stories (Books Of Wonder).In the beloved title story of this handsome collection, a man and woman each long to bring home just the right gift for the other. But with so little money, how can there be hope? The poignant twists and heartwarming conclusion of this perfect plum of a story help explain the lasting appeal of this most American of authors. This illustrated volume contains O. Henry's finest work, including the hilarious "Ransom of Red Chief," in which a small boy tortures his kidnappers until the criminals are reduced to begging his parents to take him back. Michael Dooling's fifteen lush color plates capture the heart of each story with a blend of realism, sentiment, and humor. Longtime admirers of O. Henry, as well as those who have yet to experience the pleasure of reading this master of the short story, will be enchanted by this wonderful collection.

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“The Ransom of Red Chief”
By O. Henry

Directions: Answer the questions in complete sentences using the
RACE strategy. Remember to use details from the text. Please use your own sheet of notebook paper.

R-Restate (the Question)
A-Answer (the Question)
C-Cite (Give page(s) # & “Quote” information from the story)
E-Explain/Expand (Answer the question “So what?” & “What does that mean?”)

1. What is the setting (place) of the story?
2. Why is this a good setting for a kidnapping?
3. Why do Bill and Sam choose Ebenezer Dorset’s son to kidnap?
4. Tell two things the boy does before he is kidnapped that should have warned Bill and Sam that he would be trouble.
5. How does the boy react to being at camp? Use details to support your answer.
6. What does Bill find out when he goes to see if people are searching for the kidnapped boy? Did you expect him to see this? Why or Why not?
7. What do you think that Bill is secretly hoping when he asks Sam if he thinks Red Chief will run away?
8. Write a summary of Red Chief’s mischievous activities so far in the story.
9. What are the terms of the ransom note?
10. Do you believe that the kidnappers will get what they have asked for? Make a prediction for the ending.

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