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the doctor said: "your live is in bad must never drink alcohol":the doctor said that his liver was in bad shape and he mustn't drink alcohol-"are you coming with us tomorrow"?he asked if he was going with them the following do-"I had a wonderful surprise last husband bought me a fur coat for my birthday"she said she had had a wonderful surprise the previous week and her husband had bought her a for coat for the birth-"Mary said to jane:Janet,will you please tell jenifer to be on time tomorrow morning as she is always late?mary asked jane to tell jenny to be on time the following morning as she,"jennifer",was always late-"I hope you wont expect me to cook fresh fish when we are married as I cant stand cleaning it".she said she hopen he couldn't expect her to cook him when they were married as she couldn't stand cleaning it-"dont move,he told his family,or you will spoil the photograph"he told his family not to move as they would spoil the photograph-"he said:I'm very angry"he said he was very angry-"I'll behave myself,he promised"he promised he would behave himself-"the exhibition finished last week,explained ann"ann explained that the exhibition had finished the previous week-"the whole house had been ruined,said the land lord"the landlord said the whole house had been ruined

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