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Which inventions have had the greatest impact on our life?
Everybody knows that we have improved with the time. In my opinion, the most important have been the bulb, the walkman, aeroplane, TV, and so on.
I think all of them have improved our daily life, since they make our life easier, more practical and more comfortable at the same time. Let me talk about the bulb, we have light and we do not have to use a fire, and not having the risk of provoking a fire. Other invention important, walkman allow listen to music along street. TV has been one of the best inventions, since it has replaced little by little the radio because it is funnier. Nevertheless, in my opinion, the invention which has improves our life most has been the Internet, because we can find information we look for.
In conclusion, if all these inventions didn’t exist, our life would be worse.

Advantages and disadvantage of risk sports.
Risk sports include rock climbing, hang-gliding, bungee jumping, skydiving, and so on. They have a series of advantages and disadvantages.
The main advantage is that these kinds of sports are extreme. The people who practise them enjoy putting their life in danger, they are brave. They can devote their free time to go out in search of adventures. Nevertheless, they also have some disadvantages, they are dangerous and some people die practising them. Some people prefer devoting their free time to go out on trip, to the cinema, to walk, or to be at home, they would never put their life in danger, so they it see as a bilge.
To sum up, although these sports have advantages and disadvantage, personally, I am in favour of practising them.

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