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a) the doctor requests that you need drink a lot of water and three light meals a day

a) it is urgent that call to your mom because she is really worried
b) it is a good idea that We go to africa and save the kids in danger
c) is a bad idea that you kill people, because they deserve live
d) it is recommended save the whales in danger, for make the world a better place

a) even though
b) as long as
c) even if
d) in fact
e) even if

hi, may i introduce you to daniela, she is my girlfriend, is seventeen years old and she lives in santiago. Sometimes she is very stupid but i love her so much, she makes me so happy.
Now that you know all this things, i'm gonna go, I hope you have a nice day, good bye, peace.

a) understood - readed
b) ate - had to go
c) watched - had done
d) studied - traveled

a) explosive lava is combined by the elements of fire and earth
b) I wrote this lyrics for you because you make me feel so good.
c) the audience was amazing, they screamed and sang our songs with the hands in the air
d) i wanna have popularity in my school to be the most important people in the world

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