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Chapter 1

  Why was Lady Gladys Windermere's last reception before Easter so successful?

Because all the beautiful society was there and there were more people at Bentinck than usual : six cabinet ministers were there , princesses, elegant ladies talking wih radicials, …

  What did Lady Windermere say she planned to do the following year? Why?

She planned to sped a year in a balloon because she had been told by the palm reader that she would be in great danger both on land and at sea.

  Why did most of the guests agree that palm-reading should only be practised in private?

Because he was very indiscreet, many people seemed afraid to approach the funny little palm reader this was expecially true after he told Lady Fermor in front of every one that she didn't like music but she loved musicians.

  What happened when Mr Podgers first looked at Lord Arthur's hand?

When Mr. Podgers sau Lord Arthur's had , he went curiously pale and said nothing, his body shook as if he had been given an electric shock. Sweat begat to appeaar on his forehead, and his fat fingers became cold and clammy.

  Whose funeral did Lady Windermere mention?

A dinstant relative.

6. What did Mr Podgers give to Lord Arthur? Why?

He gave him a card with his adress on it to send the cheque. Lord Arthur had to pay to know all the truth.

Chapter 2

1. Why was the beggar frightened of Lord Arthur?

A beggar who approached him to ask for money to ask for money became frightened when he recognised misery greater than his own in Lord Arthur's eyes.

2. How did Lord Arthur react when he read the sign on the wall?

He froze and blushed.

Chapter 3

1. Why did Lord Arthur decide to postpone his marriage to Sybil Merton?

Because he felt that to marry her, with the destiny of murder hanging over his head , would be a betrayal and his wifere would never have to blush for him.

2. Why didn't Lord Arthur think it was a sin to murder someone?

He took it as a duty to murder someon before he could marry her and there was no alternative life meant to him action, not thought.

 3. How did Lord Arthur decide to murder his victim and why?

He made a list of relatives on a sheet of paper, after ca reful consideration, he decided in favour of Lady Clementina Beauchamp. She was a dear old lady , she was hi second cousin on his mother side, there was no possibility of gaining any vulgar monetary advantag b her deathm. He had been always very fond of her.

4. Why didn't Lord Arthur want Lady Clementina to take the capsule at once?

Because he told her to wait until she had an attack then she would be amazed at the result.

Chapter 4

1. Why was Lord Arthur unhappy when he was in Venice?

Because he was worried , he was expecting to see a notice of Lady Clementin'as death , but every day he was disappointed and he began to be afraid that she had had an accident.

2. What was ironic about Lady Clementina's will?

A few days before she died , shea had made her will and she had left Lord Arthur her little house in Curzon street, as well as all her furniture, personal effects and pictures. Lord Arthur was touched.

3. What did Lord Arthur realise when Sybil found the capsule inside the box?

He discovered that Lady Clementina had died a natural death.

Chapter 5

1. How did Lord Arthur choose to murder his second victim? Why was this a suitable method to use on the Dean of Chichester?

He reviewed his list of friends and relatives again. After careful consideration, he decided to blow up his uncle, the Dean of Chinchester who loved clocks. His uncle's hobby offered him an excellent oportunity to carry out his plan : an explosive machine.

2. How did Lord Arthur find what he wanted, and how much did it cost?

He thought of his friend Count Rouvaloff, a young Russian of revolutionary tendencies who told him where to find the explosive clock. He went there and it didn't cost him anything.

3. After Lord Arthur heard that the Dean is still alive, the author writes, "Since life had no pleasure for him, death had no terror". Explain what this means.

He was in despair and always worried he wasn't happy and event thought of suicide of a way of killing someone he wasn't afraid to die.

4. Why did Lord Arthur go twice to Mr Podgers' house after he pushed him into the river? What happened on both occasions?

Because he thought that he had failed again. The two occasions he couldn't ring the bell, he ws afraid of it.

Chapter 6

1. What did Lady Windermere tell Sybil about Mr Podgers?

She told her he was an impostor.

2. Did Lord Arthur regret murdering Mr Podgers? Explain your answer.

No, he was sure of it, he said firmly that he had brought him happiness.


1. Why couldn't Hughie Erskine marry Laura Merton?

Because her father would not hear of any plans for marriage unless Hughie had 10,000 2. What did Alan like about Hughie?

Because he was beutifult and also liked him for his bright personality, and his generous, impulsive nature.

3. What was the approximate height of Alan's picture of the beggar?

It was a wonderfur life size picture of a beggar man.

4. Why did Hughie have to walk home after spending the day with Laura?

Because he could not help blushing at what he had done and he had to the Palette Club at night .

5. Why did Hughie feel embarrassed after talking to Alan in the Palette Club?

Because he was told that that beggar was a millionaire.

6. What is the difference between a millionaire model and a model millionaire?

A millonarie model , is a model who is a millionaire and a model millionarie is a good millionare and every millionaire should be like him.


Chapter 1

1. Why did Hiram B. Otis receive negative reactions after he decided to buy Canterville Chase?

Because the house was haunted.

2. Where was Canterville Chase and how did people get there?

it was in England , the nearest train station to Canterville Chase was in Ascot, seven miles away from the house. Then they took a carriage.

3. What event happened on the spot where Mrs Otis noticed the bloodstain?

It was the blood of Lady Eleanore de Canterville. She was murdered by her husband, Sir Simon the Canterville, in 1575.

4. Why do you think the Otis family promised Mrs Umney a higher salary?

Because she was really scared and she said that she would pray for everyone in the house.

Chapter 2

1. Why did Mr Otis close and lock the library before going to bed?

Because the bloodstain reappeared every morning on the floor of the library to see if it was the ghost.

2. What was the noise which awakened Mr Otis?

A clanking noise that came from the Ghost's chains.

3. Was Mr Otis scared at seeing the Ghost? Explain your answer.

NO , he didn't make a move he only have the Ghos a Lubricartor to put some oil on his chains to lessen the noise that had awoke him.

4. What was the connection between Tammany Rising Sun Lubricator and Mr Otis' sleep?

If the Ghost put the Lubricator he wouldn't do any noise anymore and then Mr. Otis could sleep.

5. Why did the Ghost throw the bottle violently against the floor?

Because he was indignated , he hadn't scared anyone.

6. Why did the Ghost want to take revenge?

Because he had terrorised during his brilliant career and now he had been insultated.

Chapter 3

1. Who wasn't amused by the changing of the bloodstain colour? How did she react?

Virginia was alwas upset and almost cried the morning that it was emerald green.

2. What did the Ghost see near Washington's room? Describe it.

He saw a hoorrible, motionless ghost in front of him, red light shone from its eyes and it had a demonic smile frozen on tits face, and trere was fire inside its mouth.

3. Why did the Ghost look for the second ghost again at dawn?

Because he thout two ghosts would be better than one.

CHapter 4

1. What did the twins do to the Ghost when he appeared as the Headless Earl?

They prepared the door with a bucket of water that fell on him.

2. What did Mr Otis write to Lord Canterville?

He informed him of the disappearance of the ghost.

Chapter 5

1. Why didn't Virginia run to her room when she saw the Ghost in the Tapestry Chamber?

Because she felt sorry for him.

2. How had the Ghost made the bloodstain reappear?

He had stolen Virginia's paintings because he couldn't find real blood.

3. What did the Ghost want Virginia to help him to do?

He wanted her to ast the Angel of the Death to be forgiven, he hadt to cry for his sins, pray for his soul.

4. Whose voices did Virginia hear when she was helping the Ghost? What did they want to stop her doing?

She heard the voices of the carvings , they were evil voices and told her to stop and go back.

Chapter 6

1. How long was Virginia missing before she was found?

She was missing from afternoon tea time until midnight.

2. Did the Ghost apologise for his actions before he died? What did he say?

Yes, he had been very wicked but hewas very sorry about everything that he had done.

3. What did the blossoming of the almond tree mean?

Meant that God had forgiven the ghost

Chapter 7

1. Why didn't Lord Canterville accept the jewels?

Because he thought that the ghost may come again to torment him and to thank Virginia.

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