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3. When the dog operation, what does the vet find? Why?the vet finds a plastic bag with lots of disgusting things in it and ever plastic pirates from his father's model ship.8. Why did Adrian think the would probably be a teenage criminal out on the streets? he thought it because  his mother was looking for a job and she wouldn't look after him.13. Why does Mr. Lucas stay with Adrian's family?Mr lucas stays with adrian's femily because his wife has taken all the furniture.14. Why does Adrian wish he knew karate?Adrian vishes it because he had fought with barry kent and he didn't want Barry to hit him again.15. What happened when Adrian's father went fishing? What happened when he arrived home?When he went fishing mr lucas come fro dinner.When he come back mr lucas went the back door16. Where does Pandora live? How does Adrian find this out?She lives in a house on he finds this out delivering the newspapers in this street.27. Why does Pandora think Adrian's father is racist?Pandora thought it because adrian's father says it was the begining of "the end of our street".30. Why is Adrian so worried about the operation to remove his tonsils?he is so worries because his grandmo told him that knew someone that had bled to dealth on the operating table.32. Why Adrian's mother leave Mr. Lucas?she left him because he tealed her like a sex object and he expected her to cook for him.shilling-chelines,shrinking-encogiendose,sickbed-cama de enfermo,tonsillitis-anginas,treacle-melaza,faithful-fiel,golies-huevos,gravy-salsa,hangover-resaca,jewish-judia,kennel-caseta,mongrel-chucho,mond-humor,punctured-pinchó,put on-se puso,ran away-huí,rehearsal-ensayo,banging-aporreamiento,beating-latiendo,blame-culpo,blows bubblegum-hace globos de chicle,bonfire night-noche de las hogueras,breasts-pechos,brown-skwned-de piel morena,bruise-cardenal,care-el cuidado,cashpoint-cajero automatico,cheer myself up-animarme,chest-pecho,cutting off-cortar,delivering-repartiendo,disgusting-repugnantes.candle-wax;cera de vela,came round-vino ami casa,break down-averiarse

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