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TITLE:tales of mystery and imagination.AUTHOR:edgar allan poe.TYPE:mystery.PLOT:this book is based in six stories with different plots.the mystery in this book is very important in every story and the characters can feel it all the time.murderers,deaths and strange experiences make this book fall of suspense.CONTEXT-DESCRIPTION:the context changes in every story.the years are clased to 1800,althagh the author doesn’t fell you sometimes.some of the places are rattleborough,paris.the sea or the prison.MAIN CHARACTERS:-the narrator:-description:he is always a character in the story.-personality:fair,loyal,strong.-occupation:in some stories he is just another normal man but in others he is a prisoner or a detective.-role in the book:the narrator and another character.-mr.goodfellow:-he is the murderer and best friend of the dead man.he is poor but a good man and very popular in the town.-liar,weak,resentful.-not said.-his is mr.shuttleworthy’s murderer.-mr.pennifeather:-he is mr.shuttleworthy’s rephaw.he had a quarrel with mr.goodfellow and lut him.-honest,ambicious,strong.-he is a haunter.-he is the one blamed of a murder but it is proven he isn’t one.-william legrand:-he is a man who lives in an island and finds a golden bug.thanks to it he finds a treasure.-asxious,childish,lively.-he was a rich man once.-he finds the treasure.-georges godinot:-he is an important man in paris.-honest,strong.-head of the paris police.-he is just a police who tries to do his work.-auguste dupin:-he is a very good detective who resdies the crime in two stories.-honest,intelligent,wise.-detective.-he finds the clues to very crime.-old man(down into the maelstrom):-he guides the narrator through an island.-strong,clever,honest.-he only guides the narrator.-he tells the important story as he experienced it.YOU ARE THE MAN:mr.shuttleworthy disappeared when he went to the city.his nephew,mr.pennifeather,and his best friend,mr. Goodfellow,started to look for him in the woods.the only found clues that told everone mr.pennifeather was the the end,the narrator proved the real killer was mr.goodfellow who had his revenge.THE GOLD BUG:legrand found a gold bug and showed it to his friend.legrand got ill and very excited because he found something important.he,his friend and his servant went to the woods and using the gold big they found a treasure in the ground.this treasure were to capitan kidd’s,a very well-known pirate.THE STOLEN LETTER:a princess is sent a letter by her lover but this letter is stolen by an important man of the government.godinot,head of the paris police asks dupin to help him.dupin knows the police don’t know how to do their job and finds out when Lebrun has hidalen the letter:where everybody could find it.THE MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE:dupin and his fellow had to find the murder of a rich woman,madame espanaye, and her daughter,camilte.both had been murdered in a very cruel way.dupin followed the clues and found the killer was an eran-gutan and that he had escaped.DOWN INTO THE MAELSTROM:a man who seems to be much older then what he is tells on experience that happened to him when he was sailing with his two brothers.a very strong storm happened and his two brothers disappeared in the sea and he saved his life.THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM:a man found himself in prison and he was in obscurity.there was a pit in the middle of the room where he was.he found himself on a bod with a knife going down to him.when he was about to die he had a idea and mode the rats bite the rope that was holding him.a man saves his life.

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