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Framton Nuttel was hoping that there was going down the aunt, the lady Sappleton
Porque fue Framton?Her sister was staying here some four years ago,and she gave him letters of introduction to some of the people at the Rectory.
Porque dejan la ventana abierta?Why was the window oponed?Out through that window,three years ago to a day,her husband and her two young brothers went off for their days shooting.They never came back.In crossing the moor to their favourite shooting ground they were all three engulfed in a treacherous piece of bog.Their bodies were never recovered.
Que cree la tía?What does aunt believe?Mrs.Sappleton thinks that they Hill come back some day and walk in at that window just as they used to do.
Que cantaba Ronnie su hermano pequeño?What does Romie sing?Bertie,why do you bound?
Porque cantaba?Why did he sing it?Because she said it got on her nerves.
Bajó la tíaThe aunt went down and asked for excuses for the opened window was and began to speak about the hunt.Framton was trying to change topic but the lady was not attentive. ¡here they are at last!
Que hizo Framton cuando vió llegar a los hombres?What does Framton do when he saw the three men arrive?Framton shivered slightly and turned toward the niece with a look entended to convey sympathetic comprehension.
Que hizo cuando vió quienes eran?What does Framton do when he saw who were?Framton grabbed wildly at this stick and;the hall-door,the gravel-drive and the front gate.
Con quien se encontró cuando se iba?Who he met when he was going away?A cyclist coming along the road had to run into the hedge to avoid imminent collision.
Que escusa dió la sobrina porque se habia ido?What excuse put of the niece of why Framton had gone away?she expect it was spaniel.He told me he had a horror of dogs.
Que historia explica?He was once hunted into a cemetery somewhere on the banks of the Ganges by a pack of pariah dogs,and had to spend the night in a newly dug grave with the creatures snarling and grinning and foaming just above him.
Cual era la especialidad de la sobrina?Which was the speciality of the niece?Romance at short notice was her speciality.

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