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Present simple: I cook - he cooks. Present perfect: I have cooked. He has cooked. Present continues: I am cooking, He is cooking, They are cooking.Past simple: I cooked, he cooked. Past perfect: had cooked, has cooked. Past perfect continues: had been cooking. Past continues: was cooking, were cooking. Present perfect continues: have benn cooking. Future simple: I will cook. Going to future: I am going to cook later. Wish: Future:I wish it stopped raining, I wish i were 18, I wish i had my book. About the past: I wish i hadn`t lied to her, I wish i hadn`t drunk so much, we wish the war hadn`t stopped. Rather: Person + would + person + verb past, I would rather you drove better. Formal: (subject) + demand, insist, require, suggest + that + person + v. infinitive, My father demand that i come early.Conditionals: 0- Present - Present_ Always happen_Present-Future 1- Present-Future_Very Probable_Present-Future 2- SPast-Would-Infinitive_Improbable_Present-Future_(tobe=were)3-Past Perfect-Wouldhave+Past Part._Imposible_past Mixed- Past Perf.- would+Inf._Action in the past with effect on present_Past-Present. Passive: form of "to be"+ past participle.He suggested TO me: that we should go together, that we go togheter.Hope: more probable_followed by present_talks about future. Wish: unlikely to happen_followed by Spas=future_followed by Pperfect past.Suppose+Past=not real. Suppose+present=could happen

A stranger from Lagos: Hypocritical society i.e: she has to hide to go to lovers or fiance house. Lilian=protagonist. wrong concept of what man and women can do. small town minded, very morally strict. lagos=Mr okonma¿ anya?, friend=Alice
A men called horse:Would you ever leave a wealthy life, all the comforts and privileges in search for equality? Dorothy Johnson the author of A Man Called Horse has created an image and story of a man in search of equality and who has abandoned all his wealth and comforts. Like any other story, there is irony. In his search for equality, the man called Horse also discovers himself. He goes through many steps to find equality and understand its meaning. Horse in his adventure starts out in search for people no better and no worse than himself. In his foolishness and pride he decides to go to the Indian Country. There he tries to be one of the kings who were mostly white men. Fate was on his side and his vision turned out to be different.

Horse stays in Indian country and with no chance of being a superior, he is in danger and so it does strike him. He is captured by a raiding party of Crow Indians and thus his journey beg

. . .
Truly he had become an equal like any other man on earth. He figures out their names, another step which develops his understanding of equality. He begin to understand that he had no power and now was a property of someone else. Hence he natures himself for he finds out this is the only way he can survive. He then realizes that this men are better than he is and he has to keep all the emotion and anger to himself for he could not afford it. Likewise showing that he now understood their culture. He did get an opportunity to change the level of society he was at and he seized it acquiring a couple of horses. The thought of trying to escape was on his mind but he never had a chance. Further he develops his meaning of understanding when Yellow Robe and Pretty Calf die. As he was in community of people better than him he finds out what loneliness is and thus increasing his understanding of equality. We all have different views of equality, what is yours?

. He went through all this like any other man will go through in earth and so he understood the meaning of equality.

In conclusion, after three years he went home and explained no more than to say. He then realizes that he has to earn his future so he earns their trust and is able to stray out of the camp.
My Oedipus Complex: The story My Oedipus Complex by Frank OConnor deals exclusively with a little boy named Larry and his feelings towards his father. When his father returns home from World War II, Larry is resentful and jealous of losing his mothers undivided attention, and finds himself in a constant struggle to win back her affections

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