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actually students think, u study to gain a good future,u've an objetive, to make a career where u're going to learn everything u like.
the main disvantage is not can get your own money, while when a person works, is free, 1 hasn't to ask for it his parents, and
they always tell u; "more money!; what r u going to buy?". it's a little anoying. u're independent for spend it as u like, clothes,
cds, drinks, travel, everything.
on the other hand, u only have to hear a teacher who talks about a lesson and u r sitting on a chair, confortable and relax, u stay
at high school during morning, u've whole afternoon for enjoying your free time, with friends, practicing your hobbies, wathcing tv,
and all u want to do.
timetable couldn't be better, from Monday to friday and if u've a holiday's day, you dnt go to the hih school. we recive an extra-money
for ur needs, in spain, it's took 'BECAS'.
this item is a little dificult to be answered by a student, because, we're only going to find disvantages because one want there whose
he hasn't.
for my nangle, it's boring to sleep only even 8 in the morning and listena person talk and talk, havehave to pass all yours exams, but
later, in summer, i've to work because i need money. i think, is important to be needy for a world that is full of problems, and if we want
to get a good job, we've to study so much.
it's wonderful to be student, it's the best time for a person, we will prepare for a good future and get, everybody, our own objetives.

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