Will, going to, -ing, ....

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Will:-make a general predictions.-decisions that are made at d momnt of speaking. Going to:-mak predictions based evidence.-plans where d decision has been made bfore the momnto of speaking.Infinitive cn TO and -ING: with to: after:agree,arrange,ask,decide,forget,
Ex: my dad promised to buy... ·After adjectives.-Ing Form:·After: admit,avoid,cant stand,consider,deny,enjoy,fell like, finish,give up,imagine,keep,regret,stop, suggest. Ex: he enjoys listtening ·After preposition. eX: we...before going.
VOC: Epidemic,famine(hambre),flood(inundacion),hurricane,earthquake(terremoto), oil silck(petroleo),nuclear accident,war.
make a donation,sign a petition,take part in a demostration,raise money, compaign for a cause,join an prganization,become a volunter.
______ global warming,dumping nuclear waste(tirar...)recycle,endangered species(por en peligro) pollution, deforestation.

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