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*FAQ (frequently asked questions): Typical questions that people ask at a particular website. *WWW (Worldwide web): A system linking documents and pictures into an information database stored in different computers across the world. *PIN (Personal identification number): A secret number that you need to operate a bank card, for example. *VDU (Visual Display Unit): The monitor of a computer, including the screen. *CPU (Central processing unit): The part of a computer which processes all the data and makes it work. *DVD (Digital Versatile Disc): A disc that can hold a complete film, plus audio an other information. *CD-ROM (Compact disc- read only memory): A disc which can be read by a computer, holding text, image and sound. *WAP (Wireless application protocol): A standardized way of linking the internet to mobile phones. *VCR (Video cassette recorder): A machine to play and record videos. 

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