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    policy - politico; politics- ; politicians; ex: If we introduce this policy, it will help to protrct the enviroment / A politicians should spend more time making decisions / I atudied politics at university ; parliament is debating the new policy ; Do you think that politicians care about the envirinment? . Rubbish -deixalla/ waste -residus; ex: I'll clean the floor if you put out the rubbish/Nuclear waste remains toxic for centuries; do you recycle any of your rubbish? Oil-petroli/petrol-gasolina ex: I put nearly 20 litres of petrol into my car every week/The birds on the beach were covered in oil ;If people shared(convertir)cars,they'd use less(menys)petrol; there was a fire at the oil refinery; what can we use for energy, apart from oil?Chemicals(productes quimics)/Chemists(quimics)ex: This product is full of chemicals/Chemists are working on a less toxic ; Organic food is produced without using any Chemicals; Do you think that farms spray too many Chemicals on plants? Environment(medi ambient)/atmosphere ex: The ozone layer is part of the atmosphere/ Cars aren't good for the environment ; our atmosphere i s80% nitrogen; is the environment very polluted in your ares?

most asteroids break up (trencar) in the earth's atmosphere/ people will lose their jobs if the power station shuts down(tancar)/ Some say that climate change wiped out(esborrar,extingir) the dinousaurs/ We should clean up (netejar) the park. It's full of rubbish/ The Red Cross looks after (cuidar) the victims of war and disease/ We've nearly run out of (sense) petrol.I'll stop at the next garage.// Should we shouts down all nuclear power stations?/ Do you wiped out in the future? / Do people in your country usually clean up their rubbish after they visit the countryside or beaches? // completely destroy - wiped out / break into pieces- break up / care for - looks after/ use completely - run out of / take away wastw from- clean up / close a business permanently shouts down// texto:break uo, clean uo, wipwd out,runout of, shuts down, look after//
Reported speech
Direct speech : Tania: " I am fine"
Reportes "" : tania
said she was fine
reported speech - changes in verb tense
Simple present Present continuous Present perfect
work am/are/is working have/has worked
simple past past continuous past perfect
worked was/were working had worked
Will work Modal verbs
S.Conditional Can - could
Would word may- might; must-had to
Reported speech (other changes)
Adverbials Pronouns
here - there; now- then this- that ; these - those
today-taht day;
yesterday - the day before
tomorrow - the next day
Reported commands
Reported questions
"Are you tired?" She Asked me if I was tired
"Where do you live?" She asked me where I lived

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