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VERBS ING-admit,adore,appreciate,avoid,can´t face,canñ´t help, cant´t stand,can´t reist, carry on, consider, delay, deny, detest, dislike,don´t mind,enoy,fancy,feel like,finish, give up,iamgine,involve,keep,continue, mention,mind,miss,postpone,practise, put off,resentt,risk,suggest,undestand.TO-afford,agree,aim, appear,arrange,ask,atempt,can´t afford,cant wait ,choose,claim,say,decide,demand,deserve,expect ,fail,guarantee,happen,help,hope,learn,manage,mean,offer,plan,prefer,prepare,pretend,promise,refuse,seem,swear,tend,threaten,turn out,want,wish.forget,remember(ING-past)(INF-present or future)/regret-ING-past/INF-present or future/mean-ING-inplika algo/INF-intentar/stop-ING-finish activity-INF-finis and start/try-ING-experimentr/INF-axer esfuerz/go on-ING-continue/INF-strt new activity

Las condicionalesTipo I
a) if + simple present + simple present
( Se usa para expresar verdades científicas. )
b) if + simple present + simple future .
Ej.: If you dont study, you won´t pass your exams. .
( Si no estudias, no aprobarás tus exámenes )
c) imperative + or / and + simple future
Se usa para expresar amenazas y promesas).
Ej:Finish your food and we will go to the park
Termina tu comida e iremos al parque )
imperative + if / in case + simple present.
Ej.: Call me in case you need help
(Llámame en caso de que necesites ayuda ) Tipo II
if + simple past + simple conditional.
Ej.: If i were rich, I would go to Australia (Si fuera rico, iría a Australia ) Tipo III
if + past perfect + conditional perfect
Ej.: If i had known that you were not at home, I would not have gone to your house
( Si hubiese sabido que no estabas en casa, no habría ido a tu casa.)
En algunos casos se pueden construir condicionales sin el if:
* unless: Se puede emplear unless con el significado de "if not" ( si no)
Ej.:Unless you work harder, you will fail your exams.
( a menos que trabajes duro, suspenderás tus exámenes )

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