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(Village welcomes "vampire")
a/1)because the prince Kretzulesco,member of the Dracula clan,is going to live in Whitby.
2)Because it´s the place where is mentioned in Bram stoker´s novel.
b/ (no se hace)
9)Prince Kretzulesco said that he had been considering leaving Germany the following year.
10)He would be rec e ived with open arms.
11) iff
12)Where did Sally go lant year to? / Where will Sally go this year?
13)-She worked there
-she found a work there

b)Do you like horror films? Why?
I like horror films very much,it´s my favourite type of movie.
I´m very frightened by them,but I like watching them with my friends,because we always go to the cinema together,and we have a good time when we jump up the seats.
Despite of that,many horror films are very bad,because you always know what is going to happen before it happens.Consequently,the film is not interesting any more.
In conclussion,I think that horror films are sometimes very predictibles but they are a good way of having a good time,specially if you are with a group of friends.

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