Unit 14.banking

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UNIT 14.
. Answer Sheet.

Personal Banking.

1A Vocabulary. Match these tems with the definitions below.

CashCard: A card which quarantees payment for goods and services purchased by the cardholder, who pays back the bank or finance company at a later date.
Cash dispenser: a computerized machine that allows bank customers to withdraw money, check their balance, and so on.
Credit Card: a plastic card issued to the bank customers for use in cash dispensers.
Home Banking: Doing banking transactions by telephone or from ones own personal computer, linked to the bank via a network.
Loan.a fixed sum of money on which interest is paid, lent for a fixed period, and usually for a specific purpose.
Mortgage: a loan usually to buy a property, which serves as a security for the loan.
Overdraft: an arrangement by which a customer can withdraw more from a bank account than has been deposited in it, up to an agreed limit; interest on the debt is calculated daily.
Standing order: an instruction to a bank to pay fixed sums of money to certain people or organizations at stated times.
Current account(GB) or Checking account (US): One that generally pays little or no interest, but allows the holder to withdraw his or her cash without any restrictions.
Deposit Account (GB) or time or notice account (US): One that pays interest, but usually cannot be used for paying cheques (BG) or checks (US), and on which notice is often required to withdraw money.

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