The Phantom of the Opera

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1-What was the gost´s name?

2-What happened o Carlota?
-She didn´t want to sing
-She lost her voice while she was singing
-She went to America

3-Where did Christine tell the ghosy story to Raoul?
-In their house
-On the roof of the Opera House V
-In the park

4-How did the ghost get into Christine´s room
-Through a secret door
-A trap on the floor
-The mirrors V

5-Who did the police take to the Police Station?
-Raoul V

6-What happened to the phantom at the end?
-He married Carlota
-He was left the cellars V
-He died

7-What was Box 5?
-A dressing room
-A place in the opera V
-A basketball team

8-What did Raoul hear in Christine´s dressing-room?
-A scream
-A man´s voice V

9-What colour did the ghost use to write his letters?
-Red V

10-How did Raoul and Christine meet
-At the Opera door V
-Dancing in a ball
-When they were little children

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