The last of the mohicans

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The book is a romantic adventure story set at the time                           
of the Franco-British war in North America in 1757.
Two girls, Cora and Alice, daughters of a British Colonel
Munro, are being escorted through the woods to see
their father by a Huron Indian called Magua, and
Duncan Heyward, a British Major. Fortunately, they
meet Hawkeye, a white man, who is a friend of the last
surviving Mohican Indians, Chingachgook and Uncas.
He realizes that Magua is a traitor, and in league with the
French, and rescues the girls and Magua runs away. The
three men lead Cora, Alice and Major Heyward towards
Fort William Henry. They are pursued by Magua. The
Hurons capture the Major and the girls and take them to
their camp. Magua has planned to take Cora as his wife
for revenge on Colonel Munro who had been cruel to
him in former times. Hawkeye, Uncas and Chingachgook
rescue the girls and Major Heyward and escort them safely
to the Fort. There follows a series of fights and daring
escapes until the final showdown on top of a cliff. Magua
tries to carry Cora off with him. Uncas, who is in love
with Cora, tries to stop him and is killed. Cora is also
killed and Magua, in making his escape, falls off the cliff
and dies.
Chapters 1-3:
Colonel Munros daughters, Cora and
Alice, arrive in America from Scotland en route to see their
father, Colonel Munro. Their father is in Fort William
Henry, surrounded by French soldiers. The two girls set
off, in the company of a Huron Indian, Magua, who will
guide them through the woods, and Major Heyward, an
British soldier. On their way they meet Chinggachgook, a
Mohican chief, and his friend Hawkeye, a white man who
has lived with the Mohicans. Hawkeye realizes that Magua
has a plan to help the French and the Hurons find them
and kill them. He chases Magua away. Then, Hawkeye
takes the girls up the river in a canoe to a rendezvous in a
cave with Chingachgook and Chingachgooks son, Uncas.
Uncas immediately likes the dark-haired Cora.
Chapters 4-6:
A fight breaks out in the morning and
several Hurons are killed. Cora tells the men that they
have to go to her father and ask him to send some men
to help them. At first Hawkeye argues with her but then
he, Chingachgook and Uncas jump into the river and
swim away. Major Heyward remains with the girls. In the
morning the Hurons attack the cave and capture the two
girls and Heyward. Magua wants to know where Hawkeye
is and is told that he and the Mohicans had swum away.
Chapters 7-9:
The Hurons take their captives down the
river and make camp. Magua tells Cora about his life and
how drinking the white mans firewater had made him
stupid. It had first resulted in him being thrown out of
his tribe, and then in him being beaten by Coras father.
Magua then says he wants Cora to be his wife and she
rejects him. The Indians decide to burn the captives alive,
but before this, Magua makes an offer. Alice and Heyward
would be spared if Cora agrees to be his wife. Again she
refuses and a fight starts. Chingachgook, Uncas and
Hawkeye arrive just in time to help and chase away the
Hurons. They set off through the woods and arrive at Fort
William Henry and are welcomed by Colonel Munro.
Chapters 10-12:
The French attack the fort and
Hawkeye goes to ask General Webb for reinforcements.
The French capture him on his return, in possession
of an important letter from the General. Munro sends
Heyward to talk to the French commander, Montcalm,
and is offered a peace deal, which Munro rejects. Munro
then tells Heyward of his daughters parentage. Cora was
the daughter of his West Indian wife and Alice from his

Scottish wife. Heyward expresses an interest in marrying
Alice. At a meeting with Montcalm, Munro learns the
content of the letter: General Webb cannot send more
men. A peace deal is signed. As the British are leaving the
fort they are attacked by thousands of Indians and many
people die. Magua takes Alice into the woods and Cora
and Gamut, a singer, follow them.
Chapters 13-15:
Hawkeye, Munro, Uncas and
Chingachgook follow Maguas trail and come across
Gamut. He tells them the girls are well. Hawkeye has an
idea to paint Heywards face red and blue as a disguise so
he can go into the Indian camp and see the girls. He finds
the girls in a cave but suddenly Magua appears. Before he
can do anything, Hawkeye, dressed in an animals skin,
hits him and he falls to the ground. They escape into
the woods. Hawkeye goes to Uncas, who is being kept
prisoner in a cave and gives him a knife, enabling him to
escape. Magua and the Hurons find the group and Magua
demands to have Cora. Hawkeye offers himself instead
but Magua only wants Cora. Cora gives in and agrees
to go with Magua. As they are leaving, Uncas challenges
Magua. In the ensuing fight, a Huron kills Cora and
Magua kills Uncas. While making his get away, Magua
slips and falls to his death from the cliff. The group
reunite with Chingachgook and Munro. Hawkeye swears                                                     Congiuntivo?•Presente -em,-eam,-am,-iam
to Chingachgook that he will never forget Uncas, who he                                                                               •Imperfetto -arem,-erem,-irem
regarded as his brother.  
                                                                                                                                     •Perfetto -erim  • Piuccheperfetto -issem



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