The invisible man

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1.-Why doesn't he show his face?
Because he's invisible.
2.-What did the strange man wear?
He wore a heavy coat, warm gloves and a big hat.
3.-What did the man have inside his suitcases and boxes?
He had a box of big books and twelve wooden boxes full
of glass bottles.
4.-What happened in the strager's room with the furniture?
The sheets and blankets started to move, the stranger's hat
jumped off the bed,
a towel started to fly, and the chairs danced across the floor.
5. Who's Tomas Marvel?
Tomas Marvel is a vagabond,who received the strager's books.

6. Does his university friend help him?Why?...
No, his university friend doesn't help him, because he's afraid
because the invisible man is very very hungry.
7. How did he become invisible?
After he left university he started to work on a project and he
prepared some drugs and drank them.
8. What's written in the three books?
In the three books were written his experiments in code.
9. Why is the invisible man so nervous and violent?
He was so nervous and violent because Mrs and Mr Hall,
Dr. Cuss and the vagabond discovered his secret.
10. What's the invisible man's name?
His name is Griffin.

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