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india's economic revival 1a) t-istricayy...like dust b)t- by 1870...and deprivation 2a) because teir dynasty was te only one wo rivaled te mugay emperors to sow te power of te eastrn empire b tey declined te old system of indian trading by setting a new western and imperial one.3a) jewels /wealt/peak/famine 4 wix/longest/from/meaned/long/takes/its/defeating. child exploitation1)no, because there is a government ban / law which forbids it .2)because in many cases exploitation is never reported, or nobody notices it andthere are many more children working than the authorities estimate.3)true. “his 12-hour work shift begins at 9 pm”. (l. 1)4)false. “dhiraj´s pay is crucial in the family´s battle to survive”. (ll. 4-5)5) true. “parents say poverty forces them to send their children… and businesses”. (ll.7-8)6)true. “an indian government law…. 2006” (ll. 9-10)7) vulnerable (l. 6)8) poverty (l. 7) 9)survival 10) ban (-ning) (l. 9) 11)a friend of mine, who is a famous s100tist, was born in india.12)he is said to be very young to work13)many indian people are too poor to have their own houses.many indian people aren’t … rich enough to…14)he apologized for what he had done.stop smoking or we may not operate on you1)because hospital managers say that smokers take longer to recover, have morecomplications and their stays in hospitals are longer and more expensive.2) by cutting down on the number of patients.3)true. “those who don’t, may not be treated.” 4) true. (line 6)5)true. (line 10)6)true. “health ... weight” (l ines 12 -13 )7 )careful8)opportunity9)succeed10)guidelines11)medicine is a complicated subject about which i know very little.12)he said he would pay for the operation.13)if i were a smoker... i would ….14)heavy smoking can make treatment ineffective. maximising children.1) because parents enroll them in many extracurricular activities where they spend a lot of time. 2) no they don´t. because they also need love and affection plus some innate ability.3)false linea2.4)trae linea7. 5)trae lineas8-9. 6)trae linea11. 7) automaton. 8)accomplished 9)boring 10)acceptance 11)grez 12) since i was detrnined to develop my natural……13)she would happily have gone along with it.14) how long did mozart take to compose his last opera?

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