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cleopatra was not killed by a snake: 1:a)false: Christoph Schaefer...death.b)false:we consulted...too long.2:a)because mark antony and cleopatra were lovers and he is believed to have killed himself.b)he thinks cleopatra would have wanted to stay beautiful even when she died and snake venom would have made her ugly.3:a)the same-likewise.b)portrayed.c)evidence.d)cocktail.4:a)that/who.b)shows/as.c)was hidden/on.d)wrote/later
the international year of the potato: 1:a) false. only...consumed.b)false. over...year.2:a)call global attention to the important role of this nutritious plan / raise awareness of the key role played by the "humble tuber" in agriculture, the economy and world food security.b)apart from being a staple food, it has played a role in their history, traditions and culture.3:a)objetive-goal.b)flavour.c)abundant.d)surely.4:a)which/of.b)stronger/more productive.c)was introduced/to solve.d)politicians asked if/whether the new food policy would be successful. 
greening the sahara: 1:a)true. egypt's...worse.b) false.so the government...10 years.2:a)tarek el-kowmey is proud of his crops / he farms near the development centre that is working with sophisticated techniques to green the desert / he cultivates his crops on fertile land that used to be just sand.b)desert tourism can be more profitable (it brings in more money) and will not destroy fragile flora and fauna (possible attraction for tourists).3)a)huge-vast.b)likely.c)because.d)rather than.4:a)as/from.b)travelling/most ancient/was built.c)on.d)which/to promote. 

make room for the robots: 1:a)false:the scientists...music.b)false:his company...use.2:a)asimo is a robot fabricated eight years ago which height is 1.2meters.he was the conductor of the orchestra which played the detroit symphony, thanks to its both robot arms.b)monty needed to look more than a human because it was builts to wash the dishes, so it needed a human hand to be able to take the coffee cups, and to be taller in order to be able to reach the sink.3:a)raised-lifted.b)abilities.c)boring.d)dangerous.4:a)easier/satified.b)do/best.c)as/of.d)written/reading.

the influenza pandemic of 1918: 1:a)true:knows...history.b)false:this pattern...children.2:a)more than a quarter of the american population was affected by the spanish flu, an almost 700,000 american people died of this influenza pandemic. besides, hundreds of american soldiers suffered from influenza.b)no, people who were affected by the spanish flue died very quickly, because its power, so doctors couldnt do anything to help those people suffering from this influenza pandemic. there were some examples which describe perfectly the quickness and power of influenza: some women were playing cards together and in some hours three of them died.3:a)catastrophe-disaster.b)fall.c)winding down.d)deadly.4:a)were killed/than.b)had had/would have saved.c)it/after.d)mrs.mitchell told her daughter that she wore her scarf and gloves in case it snowed.

political polls: 1:a)false:the more...results.b)false:they are...final vote.2:a)they can be more accurate if they find people from the same socioeconomic status and from the same area to the voters one.secondly, the polls also try to find out supporting a candidate.b)politic campaigns use the surveys results to highlight important information for making voters go to elections to vote the candidate with a higher support. they also try to help the voter understand a little better waht their campaign idea is , besides being able to use this information to concentrare on a particular voter.3:a)significant-meaningful.b)accurate.c)tendency.d)to stress.4:a)have been used/to.b)larger/moreaccurate.c)it/before.d)who/than.

should everest be closed: 1:a)false:warnings...years.b)true:there...starve.2:a)ecologists find that there are serious reasons to close mount everest:first of all they think that tourism is not helping for a good development of the area, because tourists also use the basic resources from the everest, as well as the small communities of the are, and on the other hand, the struggle of indigenous people to survive, because climbers dont spend money enough.b)in fact, nepalese official dont want to close mount everest because of the economic benefits that they obtain with the money that tourists spend when they want to climb the everest.3:a)supplying-providing.b)perilous.c)reduction.d)summit.4:a)visiting/to destroy.b)found/significantly.c)if/to.d)is being done




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