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cleopatra was not kiyed by a snake: 1:a)false: xristop sxaefer...deat.b)false:we consulted...too long.2:a)because mark antony and cleopatra were lovers and e is believed to ave kiyed imself.b)e tinks cleopatra would ave wanted to stay beautiful even wen s died and snake venom would ave made er ugly.3:a)te same-likewise.b)portrayed.c)evidence.d)cocktail.4:a)tat/wo.b)sows/as.c)was idden/on.d)wrote/later
te international year of te potato: 1:a) false.only...consumed.b)false.over...year.2:a)cay global attention to te important role of tis nutritious plan / raise awareness of te key role played by te "umble tuber" in agriculture,te economy and world food security.b)apart from being a staple food,it as played a role in teir istory,traditions and culture.3:a)objetive-goal.b)flavour.c)abundant.d)surely.4:a)wix/of.b)stronger/more productive.c)was introduced/to solve.d)politicians asked if/weter te new food policy would be successful. 
greening te saara: 1:a)true.egypt's...worse.b) false.so te government...10 years.2:a)tarek l-kowmey is proud of is crops / e farms near te development centre tat is working wit sopisticated texniques to green te desert / e cultivates is crops on fertile land tat used to be just sand.b)desert tourism can be more profitable (it brings in more money) and wiy not destroy fragile flora and fauna (possible attraction for tourists).3)a)uge-vast.b)likely.c)because.d)rater tan.4:a)as/from.b)traveying/most an100t/was built.c)on.d)wix/to promote. 

make room for te robots: 1:a)false:te s100tists...music.b)false:is company...use.2:a)asimo is a robot fabricated eigt years ago wix eigt is 1.2meters.e was te conductor of te orxestra wix played te detroit sympony,tanks to its bot robot arms.b)monty needed to look more tan a uman because it was builts to was te dises,so it needed a uman and to be able to take te coffee cups,and to be tayer in order to be able to reax te sink.3:a)raised-lifted.b)abilities.c)boring.d)dangerous.4:a)easier/satified.b)do/best.c)as/of.d)written/reading.

te influenza pandemic of 1918: 1:a)true:knows...istory.b)false:tis pattern...xildren.2:a)more tan a quarter of te american population was affected by te spanis flu,an almost 700,000 american people died of tis influenza pandemic.besides,undreds of american soldiers suffered from influenza.b)no,people wo were affected by te spanis flue died very quickly,because its power,so doctors couldnt do anyting to elp tose people suffering from tis influenza pandemic.tere were some examples wix describe perfectly te quickness and power of influenza: some women were playing cards togeter and in some ours tree of tem died.3:a)catastrope-disaster.b)fay.c)winding down.d)deadly.4:a)were kiyed/tan.b)ad ad/would ave saved.c)it/after.d)mrs.mitxey told er daugter tat s wore er scarf and gloves in case it snowed.

political poys: 1:a)false:te more...results.b)false:tey are...final vote.2:a)tey can be more accurate if tey find people from te same socioeconomic status and from te same area to te voters one.secondly,te poys also try to find out supporting a candidate.b)politic campaigns use te surveys results to igligt important information for making voters go to elections to vote te candidate wit a iger support.tey also try to elp te voter understand a little better wat teir campaign idea is ,besides being able to use tis information to concentrare on a particular voter.3:a)significant-meaningful.b)accurate.c)tendency.d)to s3s.4:a)ave been used/to.b)larger/moreaccurate.c)it/before.d)wo/tan.

sould everest be closed: 1:a)false:warnings...years.b)true:tere...starve.2:a)ecologists find tat tere are serious reasons to close mount everest:first of ay tey tink tat tourism is not elping for a good development of te area,because tourists also use te basic resources from te everest,as wey as te smay communities of te are,and on te oter and,te struggle of indigenous people to survive,because climbers dont spend money enoug.b)in fact,nepalese official dont want to close mount everest because of te economic benefits tat tey obtain wit te money tat tourists spend wen tey want to climb te everest.3:a)supplying-providing.b)perilous.c)reduction.d)summit.4:a)visiting/to destroy.b)found/significantly.c)if/to.d)is being done

music terapy...: 1:a)false:but...speak.b)false:s...introverted.2:a)sice music as very particular features wix makes it very appropriate.music is a good communicative way,and it is non-verbal,wix is perfect for xildren wo are not able to speak yet.b)tey ave some musical activities and on te oter and,tey play wit games but witout any king of music,to increasingly improve teir communicative skiys.3:a)goes troug-undergoes.b)toddlers.c)suitable.d)researxers.4:a)wix/between.b)are videotaped/to.c)so mux/by.d)te moter said tat er son ad improved is communication wit music terapy.
trick or treat?it's ayoween: 1:a)false:ayoween-festival.b)false:iris began...tradition.2:a)ayoween is sux a big business day because american people spends a uge amount of money in ayoween products,sux as going to teme parks,buying stunning costumes in order to go to ayoween parades,etc.b)celts dressed up wit costumes to frigten te evil souls and gave food to te wandering good ones and in tat moment,it became a tradition for xildren to dress up wit costumes to ask for sweets.3:a)goods-sweets.b)stunning.c)actuayy.d)fleeing.4:a)if/from.b)so/a.c)altoug/in.d)two miyion people celebrate new york`s viyage ayoween parade in te streets.



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