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at present, on our planets some scientist are talking about a climate change,this mean that the earth´s clime are changing by human activity. i think that nowadays this is a serious problems..firstly humans are the main cause of climate change. because our actions have polluted our planet. for example our cars ejected very ​​much carbon dioxide,which creates the atmosphere the greenhouse effect and this is the principal caused of climate change because of climate change the earth's temperature is increasing and the polar ice is disappearing This increases the water´s level of the oceans..in conclusion,the earth's climate is changing  in a few years. for these reasons, i believe that we should  care our planet

at present, in big cities there are many pollution by human action that is bad for us and for our planet. in my oponion this is a serious problem..we can reduce pollution in big cities by different ways. Firstly we could use our cars less, we can use for example the public transport or bike to move in the city..moreover we may build with recycled materials, in this way we don´t produce rubbish,if we do not reduce pollution, climate change will continue increase and at end we won´t can live in earth..In conclusion, the large cities produce much pollution. for that reason I think we need to be more ecological

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