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What´ s like to be a dog?(s-04)
1.a)FALSE ."Common sense is sometimes difficult to reconcile with science sense."  b)TRUE.."Today many scientists are accepting … some kind of emotional activity as well."
2.a)Animal emotions go unnoticed for many years because they were considered mere living machines that only respond to pretty basic stimuli in a mechanical way. b)Animals have the necessary brains structures to be able to felel truly emotions.
3. a)indeed b) in addition c) increasing d) as well 4. a) study / will understand b) that show/ have been explored c) Worthing/ the most intelligent d) that his experiments would prove the existence of the emotional lives of animals
I´m working from home(M-05)
1.a)False. For the Spanish….reason for horneworking…. b)True. Overall, fewer British…like the opportunity to do so. ,…
2.a)They are very worried about proving that they are really working.
b)For the French is an opportunity to get a healthier way of life and enjoy home made food.
3.a)choosing b)survey c)opportunity d)switch 4.worked/per-for/to-accepted/were taken d) the minister remarked that for many firms and many workers homeworking would be a way to reduce costs
Too much televisión (J-05)
1.a)FALSE."Experts say that A.D.D. involves an over-stimulation of young developing brains" b)FALSE ."This new study tested … to attention problems by the age of seven."
2. a)According to the new study, watching too much television is directly related to attention problems in children, problems such as the inability to read for a long time or pay attention. b)Earlier studies linked the habit of watching television in children to the increase of weight and aggressiveness.
3.a) amount b) signs c) tested d) earlier  4.a) began / between b) often / a c) on / is d) what she would do when she finishes her homework
Amphibian Decline Serves As Global Warning(S-05)
1.a)TRUE ."The discovery, reported in the journal "Science… environmental disaster" b)FALSE ."Of these, 1,856 - 32 per cent … are considered to be endangered"
2.a)Amphibians have a sort of skin much more delicated than other types of animals, that´s why they will be the firs to suffer from environmental disaster.
b)They are able to live throughout the world but the Antarctica since they have improved a great variety of species due to their adjustment to several types of aquatic and terrestrial habitats.
3.a) comprehensive b) since c) drastic d) remarkable   4.a) continues /will rise b) was created / protecting c) caused / most important d) polluting / to
Should the State tell us what to eat and drink?(M-06)
1. a)False. WE eat on the street … anywhere else. b)False. A sociologist told me that….a dining table.
2.a)people use very few fresh food, instead the eating of junk food is increasing, everything is cooked in the microwaves and the act of eating has became a solitary activity not a social one. b)taking a look at the rubbish we can discover a lot of rests from the wraps of junk food.
3.a) enquiry b)almost c)entire d)nasty  4.a)eating/for - ate - buy - I offered her something else to eat.
Skin Art(J-06)
1. a)FALSE ."The Romans considered decorative tattooing barbaric, ..., and used tattoos to mark slaves and criminals" b)FALSE ."Cook also introduced to the English language the word tattoo, taken from the Tahitian."
2.a)Polynesian Islanders got tattooed because for them it was a way of being protected against enemies. b)Sailors chose to have crosses tattooed because they thought that as a symbol of Christ those tattooed crosses would keep them safe from being hit.
3.a) mummies b) nearly c) deep d) fully  4.a) becoming / his b) What / a c) whose / it d) were link / is worn
South American wild cats find hope in test tube (S-06)
1.a)TRUE. Since times immemorial … form of modern estatues b)FALSE. So far, the problem … to poor chancees of sucess
2.a)The numbers of felines has gone down due to human activities. Forest have been reduced so that these animals have little space to live into their habitat. b)They want to resolve the problem by making assisted reproduction using semen from other felines in order to enhance the number of these kinds of animals in the future .
3.a) Declined b) threat c) farming d) so far 4.a) to / must b) had/ careleesly c) too/ for d) the journalist asked researchers when they had begun their new wild cat project
Where Does Dracula Come From?(M-07)
1..a)True. Stoker, the author is know to have…in the british library in London. b)False. When his ship was damaged in a terrible storm,Dracula- the vampire- jumped…of huge dog.
2.a)Whitby is the little town where the autor probably inspired to write his famous novel. b) Madame Countess Bathori was an aristocrat from Hungary who killed girls in the 1600s and was arrested for it. She is important because she used to wash on the blood of their victims to maintain her skin young.
3.a)picturesque b)engaged c)appears d)habit 4. Although/than - had been/what - deals/is explained - …what else she had seen.

Mobile phones in social life(J-07)
1.a)TRUE."So many happy people talking away into their mobile phones" b)TRUE.."if you really have to either make … the situation to the others at the outset."
2.a)Because using the mobile phone in a social event such as a wedding, a birthday , or a friends meeting could be understood as a synonym of boredom .b)The text tell us it could be a good idea ask them to move away if they are disturbing, even if they are inside our car.
3.a) perhaps b) outset c) apologise . d) come across  4)a) using / is applied b) have been / than c) who / from d) if / whether there was a mobile phone in her bag.
Not without my dog! (S-07)
1.a)FALSE ."Mary Marcus of New York city …which has a no-dog policy..."  b)TRUE..Marcus can´t understand … and non-smoking rooms"
2.a)Pluto is a very happy dog which is always making people funny things in order to get them laugh. b)Pets are now more important for American families than they used to be only ten years ago.
3.a)inappropriate b) vivacious c) trend d) realizing  4.a) so / them b) has admitted / don´t like c) began / between d) leaving / on
The travels of marco polo(M-08)
1.a)False.the travels of marco polo was a book….in genova in 1298. b)False. …much of what marco polo wrote ,regarded…..by historians and geographers.
2.a)Life was very hard because of serious epidemic illnesses, wars caused by irresponsible governors and because of religions with the hunger causing deaths by hundreds. b)because its a very good example of attitude between different cultures living together, staying with their differences but always respecting themselves.
3.a)account b)grim c)alien d)prevalent 4. who/was - was governed/ruled - with/whose - he had only told half of what he had seen.
Compulsive shopping (J-08)
1.a)FALSE ."men are just as likely as women to suffer from compulsive buying." b)TRUE."Doctors have concluded … to try to complete themselves"
2.a)It could be a person(either a man or a woman) who often buys some objects which are not necessary at all for him or her, whithout thinking previously about it. b)Men usually acquire electronic gadgets while woman mostly buy things to improve their physical appearance. As clothing or make up.
3.a) finding b) rocketed c) trends d) seeking  4.a) be experienced / with b) admitting / for c) should / than d) Yesterday the salesman told me not to pay him then.
Smart shoes(S-08)
1.a)FALSE ."The expression square-eyes … are exposed to too much television"  b)TRUE.."Some researchers believe the invención … will allow clothes to monitor our health"
2.a)the microchip in the shoes sends information about the number of steps of the person who is wearing them, to another microchip set on the TV. IF the person, has stepped 12000 steps, can watch over two hours TV, and when the two hours are reached, the microchip automatically switch the television off. b)It may be a way to join children and their families into a common objective; avoid sedentary life as far as possible, for adults and children.
3.a) concerns b) expired c) device d) raise  4.a) easiest from b) which c) of / has increased d) watching / tries / spent
Do you sleep enough? (M-09)
1.a)False. A good night´s sleep LS becoming more more elusive for the average. American and its a problem that plagues us at all ages, from infancy to adulthood
b)False. The youngters mothers were asked to record….inattention and daytime sleepiness.
2.a)Because this magazine was the one which published the three articles in which sleeplessness question is dealt by the studies of the researchers. b)short-sleeping children show poor results in intelligence test and they are more likely to suffer hyperactivity.
3. a)tackle b)sleeplessness c)amount d) critical 4.often/at-who/than-from/their-spent/an
Do you think you can recycle?? (J-09)
1. a)true. the village to change... incinerator b)false despite some oppositions.... 80%today
2.a)They have to put the organic rubbish into special containers and separate the non-organic trash depending on its material; there are several categories to set the rubbish in. b)she thinks it became hard at the beginning because it took a long time to separate the rubbish but it is something natural now, when they got used to do it..
3. aim;lid;ages;sort 4. dont recycle;will have to abadon; using;with;is made;which;must be recycled by colour
Solomons real mine discovered (S-09)
1.a)True. The mines are enormous and would have….of Israel and Judah. b)True. The vas copper mine lives in a arid…over the ancient Hebrews.
2.a)Because of the discoveries they have seen in an Indiana Jones movie. b)They have always searched for this mines in Africa because the novel, king Salomon´s Mines takes place in Africa.
3.a)arid b)heart c)trading d)closer 4.. that/from-becoming/a-gave-was written/whose

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