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I am going to write a story about holidays. My friends and I went to Holland in the last holiday of class. They were very nice holiday.
The day we arrived, we arrived off the plane and saw all snow. It was a very nice place . Then, w e took a train that will take us to the capital of Holland, Amsterdam. The town is very small and every day of the year is cold.
The next day, after arriving at the Hostel and walk through the city, rent a bicycle to go faster. That day was one of the most beautiful days of the trip. There are few cars driving through the city, the people of Amsterdam have many bicycles to go anywhere.
Ten days later, we said goodbye to friends in Amsterdam and returned to the a e rop ort . We arrived at the airport late and I lost the passport in the trip and could not return home. My friends get the plane and I stay in Amsterdam two days more to take a new passport.
And that was the most amazing of the trip, I only at Amsterdam in search spainh enbassy to take a new passport.

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