Temas 6-7-8-9

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used to
I used to walk to school.
would like
I would like to go to Japan.
like/love/prefer/hate/don’t mind + ing
too - massa (davant adjectiu o adverbi)
so - molt (davant adjectiu i adverbi)
such a - (davant nom o adjectiu+nom)
1st Conditional
If I go out, I’ll be tired.
2nd Conditional
If i got up earlier I would be on time.
3rd Conditional
If I had worn a coat, I would have been warm.
past perfect
I had arrived.
I should see a doctor.

Direct Speech Reported Speech
Present Simple Past Simple
Present Continous Past Continous
Be going to Was/were going to
Past Simple Past Perfect
Present Perfect Past Perfect
Will/would Would
Can Could
Must/have to Had to

Say - SENSE complement
Tell - AMB complement Indirecte

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