Teenagers today

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Vocabulary: teen topics: animal rights, the developing world, the environment,fashion, music, sport, school life, technology, television and cinema, war and terrorism. Helping good causes: buy fair-trade products, give money to charity, make a poster, read/write a leaflet, take part in a demonstration, visit sick/ols people, wear a badge/ribbon, wristband. Present simple: Afirmative: i/you/we/they walk, He/She/It walks. Negative: i, you,we,they don't walk,  He/She/It doesn't walk Questions: Do i/you,we they walk, Does he/she/it walk.   Present continuous: Afirmative: I 'M, He she it 's, we you they 're Negative: I 'm not, He SHE IT, isn't, WeYOU THEY AREN'T

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