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1habits/rutins(present simple)2finished past action(past simple)3action that happening now(present continuous)4"nba"(present perfect)5(past continuous)6like dislike(love like dislike hate dont +mid+ing)7obligation(have to (has)/must)(inf sin to)8prohibition(mustn)(inf sin to)9permision(could/may)(inf sin to)10ability(can(present)could(past) be able to)(inf sin to)11lock of necesity(dont have to)(inf sin to)12advice(should/shouldn't)(inf sin to)13predictions(future simple)14plans(am/are//is+going to)15futurearreagements(present continuous+to be)16past simple negative(sujeto dont + isnt + inf)17present simple negative(sujeto + dont +inf, sujeto+doesnt +inf)18Pdv of frecuency(sujeto+adv freq+verb... sujeto + tobe +adv sujeto+v+adv freq

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