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MUSIC THERAPY CAN HELP CHILDREN WITH COMMUNICATION PROBLEMS 1A)F-but, after the.... to speak. B) F- ...them become introverted. 2A) since music has particular features which makes it very appropriate. music is a good communicative way 2B) they have some musical activities and on the other hand, they play with games but without any king of music, to increasingly improve theis communicative skills 3 A)UNDERGOES B) TODDLERS C) SUITABLER D)RESEARCHERS 4A)which / between B are videotaped/to C) so much/by D) the mother said that her soon had improved his communication with music therapy.

TRICK OR TREAT! ITS HALLOWEEN 1A) F- Halloween origi... a pagan festival. B falsethey began to... or-treat tradition. 2A) halloween is a such a big business day because american people spends a huge amount of money in halloween products B) Celts dresses up with costumes to frighten the evil souls and gave food to the wandering goog ones and in that moment, it became a tradition for children to dress up with costumes to ask for sweets 3) sweets B) stunning C) actually D) fleeing 4Aif/from so/a C) although/in D two million people celebrate new york's village halloween parade in the streets

THE TRUE ABOUT BEARS 1A) T- the widlife....on maps B) F- he abandoned...studi animals. 2A) he has discovered that almost everything that he thought about bear is false and he think that they are not dangerous. B) he thinks that humans are dangerous because statistics show that while it is too dificult a bear kills someone, one persone kill 18000 bears and one bear kills one person 3A animals B) confidence C) distance D) move 4A believes/eating about/ shall study C) don't need to dissect an animal to know a lot about it / the bear not to worry

INDIA'S ECONOMIC REVIVAL 1A) T-histrically... like dust B)T- by 1870...and deprivation 2A) because teir dynasty was the only one who rivaled the mughall emperors to show the power of the eastrn Empire B they declined the old system of indian trading by setting a new western and imperial one. 3A) jewels /wealth/peak/famine 4 which/longest/from/meaned/long/takes/its/defeating

The internacional year of potato 1A) F only in an... not consumed B) F- over the next... people a year 2A) the objetive is to raise people awareness about the importance of having this ruber in our daily diets B) for them it is a critical part of their diets. 3A GOAL B) flavour C) abundant)D) surely 4 clause/in/stronger/more productive/ should be introdced/to solve/ politicians asked if the new food policy would be sucessful

Mientras: When, As, While, Whereas Just as En cuanto: As soon as
Antes: Before Después: AfterHasta: Until,Till Aunque: Although, Even Though,Though
A pesar de: In spite of, Despite...que+ the fact that
Sin embargo: HoweverDebido: Because of Así que: And soComo resultado: As a result Por lo tanto: ThereforeTan...que: So...that, Such thatPara: To, In order (not) to, so as (not) to, forPara que: So thatEn caso: In caseDonde: Where, WhereverComo si: As if, As though
Similar: LikeAdemás: Besides, Furthermore, In addition, Moreover, Similarly, Else
Así como: As well asTambién: Also, TooPor ejemplo: For example,For instanceComo: Sucha as, Like, IncludingTampoco: EitherNingun: NeitherSi: WheterSi no: Otherwise
Likewise: De la misma maneraPara empezar: To begin withEntoncés: Then, Next
Una vez: Once: Finalmente: In the end, Finally, At last
Eventualmente: EventuallyAnte todo: First of allPrimero: First,Firstly (lugar)En el principio: At the beginning
No solo...pero tambien: Not only..but alsoAmbos: Both

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