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When Linda moves to Penmarrom she never expects to be involver in a murder mystery.It all starts when she finds the body of a dead women on the beach.She reports it to the police but they don´t believe her since there´s no evidence no report of any missing person.Accidentally,she met Mark a handsome boy from the village who helps Linda with the investigation.They go to the beach and find evidences on top of the cliffs.This led them to Carlsbrook Mansion,there, they meet Julia, whose sister is Florence Landsman,the dead woman on the beach.After some suspicious clues(unexperience servants,the two siters never together,the mysterious stables).Linda and Mark get to the conclusion that Julia is playing both roles and she has murdered her sister to get money and the re-start her career she starts a filming in the village which gives Linda the change to perform her plan:Florence´s murder.They got the evidences to the police who arrest Julia and her complices whi tried to escape.Finally,Linda and Mark became famous for a while but they prefer to think about their own personal story.

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