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                                REPORTED SPEECH
Direct                         Reported                   Direct      Reported
am/is/are seeing (pc) was/were seing (pas c) here there
sees,dont (ps) 2º col o ed, didnt (pas s) this that
has/have seen (Pre per) has 3º col o ed (past per) these those
will see (fut) would see. now then
am/is/are going to see was goin to see today that day
can see could see yesterday the previous day
may see might see tomorrow the next day
our their next monday the next monday
she her last week the previos week
he his


WH_ whats your name? anna asked me what my name was.
IF Do you like fish? anna asked me if i liked fish.

Reported normales:
Anna said I go to school every mornig; Anna said she went to school ...


Stand up,please. The teacher told me to stand please.
Dont shout. The teacher told me
not to shout.

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