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play - played / 'm playing - was playing / have been playing - had been playing / played (2º) did - had played / was playing - had been playing / had played = had played / had been playing = had been playing / will (won't) - would (wouldn't) // order: to/ not to // sug: (not) v+ing/ that subj bf // can - could / my - her,his / shall- should / may - might/ must - had to / now- then/ today - that day/ yesterday (last week)- the previous day (week) a month ago - the previous month / tomorrow (next x) - the following day, the day after/ here- there/ this- that/ these- those/ yet- at that moment/ tonight- that night /innovative

approve- star d'cord, attend- assistir, cash in- cobrar, concerned- preocupat, confident- segur, face(v) -afrontar, for sure- x sgur, monitor- controlar, neighbourhood, prize- premi, range from- abastar, skip- fer campana, smart- inteligent, turn up- presentarse

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