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My holidays
My holidays began very bad because English and Physics and Chemistry classes had suspended.
They frusted me my holidays.
In july I went to camping whit my friend Adrian . We were there for three days and outings and I could have a big res t.
In Augoust I have to go to a school, but I hate waking up early.
I have my exams the 1st September and the classes begin 20th September, until the high school start, I am going to be very lazy

My name is Miguel and I live in Madrid , which is a city in the center of Spain. It's an old and big city where I usually go out with my friends. I like Madrid because I can go to all the places without taking the bus.
However, some day I would like to travel around the world because I want to know meet new people and visit cities such as New York, London, Berlin, Paris, etc.
I need to learn English if I want to travel and I am learning English to travel soon.

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