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A year ago, my friends and I used to play basketball in la riera every day. We always met at 17:00 o'clock to play.

One of those days an accident happened to me while we were playing basketball.

Firstly, I was running towards the ball when suddenly my friend Adria hit me from behind. Then I fell down on the ground and I broke my leg. My friends took me to hospital right away.

Finally, when I arrived at the hospital I was operated immediately.
In spite of all I was lucky and now I am well.

In my opinion I think that it happened to me because my friend Adria wasn't careful enough and it was unintended.

When some people eat certain food, within two hours they begin to get agressive and liable to commit crimes.

What does it mean? It means that they have a nutrition problem. Apparently it doesn't have relationship with their diet, but some studies prove that it is a real problem.

One example is a study led by Dr. Bernard gesch of Oxford University on 230 inmates.

The sum up, the nutrition of the teenagers is very important. It is important for their health to prevent violent behaviours.

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