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Una historia que te haya ocurrido este verano
everything began when friendly and I was in bicycle is a town near ours that is called behind schedule zalduendo this summer. they and I took our bicycles and we went towards there by concentration ways not to be with cars and after half an hour we arrived and we were there a time speaking with grpo ours of friendly when she already grew dark we get ready has to go to house we took the bicycles again to us and we returned towards our town by the same way that we used to go is zalduendo but this time to the return to one of my friendly the wheel of a head burst to him and it almost falls by a hill species, in the end we reached ten at night at house so that we took but by thorn. this was an funny history so that by all the way my friend whenever it saw a pocket or a hill shouted and things therefore we´re reflxed ourselves much with her.

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