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rules and laws.
young people has to follow more laws that adult people.For example, poeple of my age cannt drink, cant drive .... and other labours masures. In this last for example; young people over school learing age and under 18 are4 known as young workers. THere are special laws to protect the empliyment right of young workers. these concern your healt and safety, what jobs you can do, when you can work and how many hours you can work. the law said that you mustnt work more than eight hours a day or more than 40 hours a week. in conclusion the laws that we must follow are more strickt for us that for adult person, in addition we must follow more ruls that them in the society.

The vote of the young men for the parties is very important, since they are great. Because of it when they do campaign they try to approach the young mas with proposed how to update the education in order that he turns out to be to them easier, advantages to extract the driver's licence or in order that they could become free... But also there is important for them the vote of the elders who together with the young men are the most numerous and proposes more playful facilities, more money them for his pensions.
In conclusion all the politicians promise things to all the sectors in that they are interested but , which do expire?

Nowadays it is very important to be able to use the computer, since almost quite it is done with. Those who more relate to this machine are the young men. For them to use the computer is something daily, they are not surprised of anything related with him . This is a great advantage for them because in a future the machines will be something basic in the daily life. Those who worse take it are the major persons, it is difficult to them to be accustomed more to the new technologies.
From my point of view to use the computer has that slightly basic in these times, if you cannot use it you can have problems at the moment of looking for employment.

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