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The job that I would like to take up in the future is medicine. Since I was a little child I´ve always wanted to wear the white coat of a doctor. Medicine is a white collar job and it is very useful to society when a doctor devotes his knowledge and his time to help the needy as well as to bring the welfare to society. This career is well paid but it is a tiring one as well. Nonetheless, I have decided to take it up because I love helping people especially those who are sick. I am sure my dream will come true in the future!.

If I will win the lottery, I would fulfill my wishes and dreams. First, i would continue my high studies. Then I would begin to improve my career to suit the modern life. Next I would buy a nice house to my family. And I would also make a journey around the world. Furthermore, I would help the poor to continue their studies at university. What is more, if I could build a hospital in my town I would be the happiest boy in the world. To sum up, I would try to enjoy, but I would also manage to do good things with all that money.

In order to live a healthier life we must eat a well-balanced diet, take regular exercise and avoid alcohol and cigarettes. We must have an active life. People are less active today than they used to be. Moreover, as life becomes busier, there is less time to cook healthy meals, so more and more people eat in fast-food restaurants instead of cooking fresh food at home. Advertisements do not help at all. they make us believe that eating junk food is healthy or that smoking and drinking will help us socialize. Kids and teenagers are being influenced by what they see on TV.That´s why the best solution to avoid these unhealthy habits is education at an early age!

Every morning, I get up early and have a breakfast with my family. I eat honey, cheese, butter and bread for breakfast and I drink milk or fruit juice. After breakfast, I go to school by car. My school finishes at three o´clock. After school, I play football with my friends. Then I go home ar six o´clock. I do my homework. At nine o´clock, I have dinner with my family. After dinner, my father waches TV. My mother washes the dishes and I study. At eleven o´clock I brush my teeth and go to bed. At the weekends, I go out with my friends. I like going to the disco and playing football. I am a happy boy!

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