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I had a strange dream last night.I was in a dark place,I couldn't see anything, but I was speaking to one person about the films that were that day at the cinema. In fact I was trying to get rid him. Because he was unpleasant person and I was nervous.He said me if wanted to come with him to the cinema.I answered:No! After it I run away because he seemed to be very crazy

Dear Charly
Sorry I haven't written for so long.
I wouldn't like know more about you.At present I'm playing in Real Madrid C.F.It is in second division.At the moment we are third position,we weould liketo be in first division next year.The next weekend I'm going to study in my house during the weekend,because I want to pass the exams,it is very important for me.
I would like be a great experience to go skiing in this winter,would you like come with me?
I am waiting for you answer
Love os wishes

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