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my home town is cadiz.It´s in the south of spain.It is a very old city.Cadiz is very can visit a lot of places.if you like touristic places,you can visit the Cathedral, the town Hall,many parks and the walls of the city.if you like amusing places,you can go to the beach or the pubs in the town centre.The best going to the beach in the summer.I go walking on the beach in the winter.You can do sports.
reading dificil
a) his acting carear began when he was five
b) because his name sounded foreing
c)DiCaprio´s first film was Critters 3
d)when DiCaprio payed jack Dawson
e)he is interested in political issues and is especially fond of environmental causes.
Respuestas Examen Facil.
a)is doing b)is studing c)see d)doesn´t want e)is doing
a)visited b)have been c)has done d)made e)moved f)have never seen g)haven´t met h)lived i)asked
a)was having b)rang c)was ealing d)was ringing e)picked f)told g)was walking h)went i)saw j)was holding k)said l)gave m)dindn´t know
a) is ringing b)I was sleeping... c)ivor is the... d)...Reverte has...
e)...long have... f)yet (sin already) g)pete has just left... h)what is (sin el otro is)
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