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Redaccion ingles.

que has echo este verano?

I have been studying since julyy,because I failed most of my june exams,and consequently I have worked a lot this summer.Apart froma that my basketball coach made me and my team train non-stop all day long. because we will have to begin the basketball season getting better results than we previously did.
In spite of having a lot of work to do, I enjoy a little bit of the summer.I regularly went to the beach with my friends and had barbecue parties with my family.The best thing of this summer was that my parents went on a cruise for two weeks and I had to look affter my little brother.We were alone at home and there were any rules

que vas ha hacer el proximo año?
I think that the following course will be tougher than previous years,but it is normal because it is a higher level.Maybe nexxt year I will have to retake some subjects from the first year becayse I havent studied that much this summer, and some subjects will be pending until next february, but if Istuddy hard, I will pass them.
Probably I wont go to university, because I want to have a break , a year off travelling around Europe with my best friend,qho is one year old than me.During this tour i will be able to learn different languages and affter this trip I would like to look for a job, a preferably as a psicology, but to do all these things first I have to pass all my exams to begin with my plans

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