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my last trip to tene I

enjoyed it very much.

I visited many sites,in-

cluding the Puerto D..,

where I spent a week

with my football team-

mates.That place,has

beaches,shops where

you and also a place

where there is much

tourism.The vain draw-

back of the Puert

the weather,as it is to

the North of the island

and the days tend to be

cloudy.Then,I was at the

Teide it i one of the most

spectacular sites ten.It is

the highest peak of the

Canary islands.One of

the things which it has as

compared to the other is-

lands,is also the tram which

passes through the capital.

Finally,I was in the south of

the island,where we ent to

siam Park,there I had a very

fine time.In conclusion,I believe

that ten is a good pace to visit,

because you have everything

and you will have a great time.

es subj,no canta las hazañ de un

héroe,sino qe el poet se toma a

sí mism y a su alma como tema

principal.Se canta al amor,al sent-

mient ante l muerte,la fugacidad

de l vida,etc-Tiene una gran varie-

dad en la temática

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