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What are you going to do in the future is more important than what we have already day?
I believe that in the future nothing of what we have now is going to be equal. Everything will have evolved incredibly.
Many years ago, nobody imagine neither that we would stop going to the washers to get some water, because we would have it in house nor that we might manage to fly away by plane. All these things now seem normal things, but our ancestors saw it impossible. We can have an idea of how our world will be in a few years thanks to fiction movies. Houses controlled by computers, robots that will get our jobs and so on.
Summarising, the evolution of new technologies cannot be stopped, but we have to be careful and not become dependent on them, since it might cause a serious problem.

What can young people learn from a holiday job
As I see it the most frequent works that the young people occupy in summer are those of waiter or salesman in a shop in the neighbourhood.
Youngsters begin to become adults and need a salary that allows them to buy what they need. They cannot depend on their parents the whole life. Many of them begin in places near their houses or in the business of a relative. On one hand there are those who only work in summer to obtain a salary, since it is when the studies conclude and they have free time. On the other hand, there are others that, not having wanted to study, have to work every day.
To conclude, in my opinion young people must be able to value money and they must learn that it is hard to obtain money to be independent.

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