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there are many inventions which I think are essential in my life. For example, if there were no mobile phone or computer, then talk with my friends and seek information would be almost impossible. However, there is one new invention that would change my life even more, and this is a time machine to travel to the past and the future. If there was a time machine, I think it wolud change my life in many ways. It would probably make life more fun.
Firstly I can change the past be a lot easier than it is now, because it could change what you have bad.
Secondly, I wouldn´t have to worry about do everything well any more, because with the machine time we could fix.
Negative effects of time machine might be more expensive and maybe people use the situation.
All in all, I think that having a time machine would be a fantastic idea, and the impact on life in general would be make a more perfect world.

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