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P.SIMPLE:habitual(always,never,usually) PRSENT PERFCT: acion exa recientemente
+ I play He plays///- I don`t .. he doesn´t Has/Have + gerundio vb.prpal
¿? Do i .. Does He ...

P.CONTIN:en el momento(Moment,now) 1ªCONDICIONAL: condicon psble o prbble
I am driving He is driving//-He isn`t driving IF+presente simple---Will + infinitivo
¿? Is he driving?
PSDO SIMPLE:(yesterday last week) 2ªCONDICIONAL: poco proble
I screamed He screamed IF + past simple---would + infinitivo
I didn`t + infinitivo If i were rich, I would buy a car
PSDO CNTINUO:acion larga
while siempre dtras psdo cntinuo
I was studying You weren`t+ing They Speak spanish in germany
Spanish is Spoken in germany(by them)
SINCE: desde-(años fchas)
FOR: durante (the summer the year)

She said,"I can´t go with you" Prsnt simple----Past simple
She said that se couldn´t go with me prsnt cntnos----past cntos
prsnt perfct-----past perfct
Can i go to the toilet, please? he asked past smple----past perfct
He asked if he could go to the toilet past cntnos---- oast perfct
will----would may---might
What would you like to drink? he asked me can---could must--had to
He asked me what i would like to drink have to--- had to

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