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1)a) Aspirin is used to relieve pain.
The sandwich was made after the Earl of Sandwich.
St. Paul's Cathedral was designed by Christopher Wren.
This film is based on a true story.

b) 1_ President Kennedy was assessinate in 1963.
2_Champagne was made in France.
3_What is your dog called?
4_Hamlet was wrote in 1603 by Shakespeare.
5_We were stopped last night by the police.
6_A lot of fast food is eaten by american teenagers.

c) 1_ i was stopped by the police last night.
2_Crocodile rock was sung by Elton John.
3_All the photographs at our wedding were taken by my cousin.

d) 4_ was waken.
5_is played.
6_were recorded.
7_are educated.

e) I would like to have a garden and a swimmingpool. My room would be big. The livingroom would have a TV and a dvd. The colour of the my room would be blue and white.

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