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Government can also hike up the pollution tax or the emission fee.
Expected advantage for the companies is that firms can compare their marginal costs of pollution abatement against the marginal costs of pollution emissions, and then decide their optimal pollution levels.
The example is US - tradable permits for air-pollution control have been thriving , such as a sulfur-dioxide emission markets established under the Clean Air Act.
First major message from this movie is that our climate is changing in a very rapid way. Because of raising temperature the glaciers are melting. There are more disasters like droughts, floods, epidemics. Many species of animals are now homeless.
Second message brings hope. Al Gore says that nothing is forejudged yet, we still can stop all the damages. All we have to do is change our habits and become more “green”. We can save energy by using for instance special bulbs, instead of cars we can use bikes or just have a walk. We should also limit wasting of paper, recycle and segregate garbage.
That truth could be inconvenient for example for governments. Mostly for US one. Movie shows that they do nothing to improve situation. They should organize educational campaigns, make problem better known, increase awareness. They should also support ecological organizations.
Second group for which that truth can be inconvenient are companies. On one hand companies which emit to many wastes, don’t protect the environment, do not obey rules.
On the other hand companies which manufacture things known as danger for environment. For instance - fridges with Freon, cars using oil.

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