Pride and prejudice

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setting The novel is set in the 19the century, principally in Longbourn, the Hertfordshire country town that is a mile from Meryton and twenty-four miles from London. It is a well-ordered, provincial town, filled with landed gentry and oblivious to the sweeping changes occurring outside the fringes of its narrow, c ircumscribed vision.
themes >pride and prejudice both stand in the way of relationships, as embodied in the
persons of Darcy and Elizabeth respectively. Pride narrows the vision of a person and causes one to
underestimate other mortals. Prejudice blinds the vision and leads to false perceptions about others like darcy''s 'pride and the elizabeth''s prejudice.
reputation> it represents a society in wich a woman's reputation is the most important. Awoman is expected to behave in certain ways.Stteping outside the social norms makes her volunerable to ostracism.
plot> there are 2 a. center around Mrs benet's deseperate attemps to final suitable husband for her marriageable daughters The Protagonist is Mrs. Bennet, whose ‘business of life’ is to get her daughters married.
Antagonist > Mrs. Bennet’s antagonist is the problem she encounters in getting her daughters married, especially the eldest two. Bingley’s abrupt departure from Netherfield interrupts her plans.

.b. rsolves around darcy trying to win elizabeth's love.
Darcy .
Protagonist>Fitzwilliam Darcy, a handsome and proud aristocrat, falls in love with Elizabeth. He is attracted by her fine eyes, elegant figure, buoyancy of spirit, quick wit, and intelligence.Antagonist > Darcy’s antagonist is the various ‘obstacles’ he has to overcome in order to win the love of Elizabeth, including her vulgar and indiscreet mother,
background>Pride and Prejudice is, thus, set among the rural middle and upper classes who are landowners. None of the major characters works, for these moneyed classes live entirely on their income from rents and inheritances. There are, however, petty distinctions among the landed classes, determined by the amount of wealth possessed by the members.

major characters>
Elizabeth> Elizabeth Bennet is the second of the five daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Bennetthoughtful, intelligent, and practical, she comes to realize that she is just as capable of letting her own feelings get in the way of her good sense as her feather-brained sisters.witty and she at first strongly dislikes Mr. Darcy and then falls in love with him
Jane> ane is the Bennets' el dest daughterShe is practical like Elizabeth, but she is kinder and more pretty, shy, calm, gentle and good-natured; she falls
in love with and marries Mr. Bingley. .
MR Bingley> is a wealthy, young bachelor who is kind and charming. young bachelor who moves into the Bennet's neighborhood , he also is fashionable, charming, and kind .and he is the Darcy’s best friend.
Mr Darcy > The wealthy, best friend of Charles Bingley who at first is proud, rude, and unpleasant;
after falling in love with Elizabeth, he is shown to be discreet, shrewd, generous, and magnanimous; in the
end, he wins Elizabeth’s love.
mr benet> Mr. Bennet is a country gentleman and Elizabeth Bennet's father. He has very little interest in the duties of polite society or in raising his daughters. He finds his wife and his three youngest daughters to be unbearably frivilous and silly, but Elizabeth and Jane (the oldest daughter) make him proud.
Mrs Bennet>Mrs. Bennet is Elizabeth Bennet's pushy, ignorant, and embarrassing mother whose greatest aspiration is to have her five daughters married off .
Wickham is a charming con-man who convinces Elizabeth that he was greatly wronged by Mr. Darcy, although things are actually the other way around. Elizabeth initially likes Wickham, but the more she learns of his true character, the more she realizes that she has been wrong.Darcy pays Wickham off to marry Lydia to save her family from disgrace.
Jane Austen was born in 1775 at Steventon, Hampshire in southern England, where her father was a minister. The family was very close, and Jane had a particular closeness to her sister Cassandra. Although she attended boarding school for a short while, she was mostly educated at home .Pride and Prejudice, her most popular nove

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