Present continuous and present simple

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Present continuous:Uses: Examples:
-An action wich is/ isn´t happenig now -I am studying hard for my maths exam.-A tmeporary action -More and more girls are invading boy´s territory.-A future arrangement or plan -Our teacher is giving us an exam tomorow. Driving,tanking,flying & meeting.
Present simple:Uses: Examples:
-A regular habit or rutine -Who always does the homework?.-A fact -The results show that girls get higher,goes
DO:a degree,an exercise,nothing,homework,a job,the washing up,the shopping,some work(homewrok,school,wrk and things in general.MAKE:a sandwich,an exam,friends,a decision,money,a mistake,progress,an arrangement,love,lunch(creating or building,food or drink,fixed phrases. Phrasal verbs: look for(buscar),loop up(buscar en un diccionario),look after(cuidar),look at(mirar,observar), look into(investigar). //In my opinion,i feel that,also,probably,in addition,seems to me,possibly,as well,i think that.

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